Dr. Mary Beth Cishek

"Dr. Mary Beth Cishek earned her medical degree at the St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri. She completed her medical residency program in internal medicine, specializing in advanced heart failure and transplant."

June 26. 2023

To my Valued Patients,
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity and privilege of taking care of your cardiac needs.  I am writing to inform you that I will be moving my practice location on July 30, 2023.  I will be joining Ascension Texas Cardiovascular here in central Austin and I anticipate seeing patients there in late August or early September.    

My new practice address will be 1004 West 32nd St, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78705.  My new office number will be (512) 324-3440.  The new fax number will be (512) 406-6513.  Should you wish to allow me continued access to your records, a release of information form is enclosed for your convenience. If you have a scheduled appointment to see me in the future, please call the new office number to reschedule.  If you need a prescription refill, please provide your pharmacy with our new fax number.

I appreciate the support and trust you have given me over the past years and I look forward to continually improving the quality of care and the value of the patient experience with this move to our new location. We will continue to provide the same clinical services.  We will continue to provide on-site echoes as well as nuclear scans, stress and vascular testing. 

If, during this transition, you find it difficult to reach me, my email is Advancedheartcenter@gmail.com or you may continue to call us at (512) 279-0990.  I look forward to seeing you in our new office!


Mary Beth Cishek, MD


I am excited to announce that my new cardiology practice, Advanced Heart Care Center, is now open and accepting new patients.

My nurse practitioner, Deanna Potts, and I look forward to continuing to care for patients with general and complex cardiovascular conditions including advanced heart failure, cardiac transplant, and heart assistive devices.
We are happy to consult with you or your patient regarding treatment regimens and medical devices. We will continue to provide expertise in:

  • Remote health monitoring and smart technology
  • Genetic testing when appropriate for various cardiovascular conditions
  • Clinical investigation of new medical and device therapies
  • Referral for innovative cardiac surgery techniques
  • Mechanical circulatory support (ventricular assist devices)
  • Evaluation for and follow up of cardiac transplantation
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Medical School

Saint Louis University School of Medicinel

PRO-University of CA. at Davis • Davis, CA Residency in Cardiology Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Echocardiography Electrical Cardioversion Heart Biopsy Heart Cathererization Stress Testing

Dr. Mary Beth Cishek

Dr. Cishek is a cardiologist in Austin, qualified to deliver detailed care for the heart and cardiovascular system. Dr. Cishek may see individuals for symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness or chest pains, among others. Heart problems identified and cared for by a cardiologist can include heart failure, heart aneurysms, coronary artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, arrhythmia, angina and congenital heart defects, to name a few.